Video News Releases

Placing video on your own site is one thing, but producing video that can be used on trusted third party news websites is wholly different.

Deadline Digital has the skills and experience to make that happen. Our network of media professionals have got years’ of experience telling stories in a concise, impactful and entertaining way.

The power of the internet means people now expect video as routine on their websites. But conversely, the resourcing of Britain’s news industry means there is a shortage of quality video.

By employing journalistic techniques and principles, Deadline Digital can tell your organisation’s story in a newsy and compelling way, gaining your service or message exposure, awareness and trust.

The video news release featured below was produced in partnership with Wayne and Caroline Hanson to increase awareness about breast cancer and help them raise funds to improve cancer patients’ lives.

The resulting footage was picked up and used by local press such as the Sheffield Star.

This video and its follow-ups generated approximatively 15,000 views on Facebook alone which marks the significance of meaningful visual content in this digital age.

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"Huge thanks to Deadline Digital for our amazing drone video. It was really super to work with you and your team throughout the filming process and the film was a fantastic way to set the mood for the event and kick start our open evening event. We were thrilled with the spontaneous round of applause at the end- we've ever experienced it before at an event like this."

Kate Davies, Principal, Darton College