Underwater Video

NHS video specialists take the plunge with underwater filming for hydrotherapy service

Barnsley video production company Deadline Digital has launched its first video featuring underwater filming.

The company, based at Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre, was commissioned to film a suite of films for Barnsley’s therapy services, which are run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The films were launched at an event at Barnsley’s Civic nd among them was a film featuring the hydrotherapy service, which consists of active exercises carried out in water.

Deadline Digital’s Geoff Fox said: “Being able to offer new and interesting ways to enable our clients to tell their stories effectively and with maximum impact is what Deadline Digital is all about. Hydrotherapy is a vital service but unless you’re able to demonstrate what’s going on beneath the waterline, you are not really seeing the full picture.

“The advances in camera technology means highly effective footage can now be achieved without breaking the bank. We use an incredibly cost-effective method of filming which, for the first time, puts underwater shots within the reach of the public sector as well as smaller organisations such as private swim schools.”

This film shows what you can expect from a hydrotherapy session and we also hear from people with a range of musculoskeletal problems who have benefited from the sessions.

“All of the interviewees fed back on how you made it so easy for them to tell their stories because of the questions you asked and your lovely manner. It shows that your journalistic background is perfect for doing the work you do. The DVD is only as good as it is because of that partnership – your skills and their trust in you. Thank you.”

Lynn Daniel, Expert Patient Programme Coordinator, Wakefield Expert Patient Programme