Aerial filming and photography

Deadline Digital now offers stunning aerial filming and photographic services.Phantom-3-Advanced-sq

We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and fully insured with specific drone insurance – which means all our clients have left to worry about is what angle we need to film from!

We are able to offer a vast range of shots to suit a huge range of applications – from extreme sports to property and from heritage sites to coastal landscapes. We work across the UK and are able to offer services to suit all budgets.

Aside from filming and photography, Deadline Digital’s drone services are also ideal for inspections of hard-to-reach locations, reducing the need to put workers at risk by climbing ladders, being raised off the ground in cherry picker or clambering across a roof.

The broadcast-standard footage is shot in incredibly crisp High Definition and is beamed down live to a monitor, which means our clients can direct the drone while it is in the air, to ensure we can shoot exactly what you need.

We are passionate about health and safety, which means we always take the right steps to ensure our flights are conducted in the safest possible way. We keep the form-filling to a minimum, and we will walk you through the whole processs.

Our video experience, coupled with our journalistic experience, means we don’t just shoot pretty-looking aerial videos and photographs, but we can make them work for you by coupling the aerial footage with key interviews – where requested – together with high-impact editing.

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"The quality and vibrancy of their videos has impressed everyone including board members, front line staff, patients and prospective employees. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who could benefit from a video that really brings your key messages to life."

Stephen Eames, Chief Executive, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust