Video is the inescapable method of communication in this broadband-literate, YouTube-obsessed age of communication.

  • video is seen by Google and Yahoo! as ‘content rich’ meaning websites with video achieve better results
  • at the start of 2012, online video reached 34 million UK internet users, representing 80 percent of the total UK internet audience
  • video delivers incredible ‘extra’ value
  • video on news websites is trusted, engaging content
  • video enables audiences to make emotional decisions

We remember 80 per cent of what we see as opposed to just 15 per cent of what we hear which is why TV and video has always been such a powerful form of communication.

And for concisely explaining a medical procedure or injecting the impact of human emotion into the description of an otherwise relatively dull service or policy, it simply cannot be rivalled – no matter how beautiful the brochure’s photos or brilliant the copywriting.

In an iPlayer age when viewers and readers are no longer tied to the TV schedules or the same
daily newspaper, day-in day-out, the best method of reaching them is with well shot, well directed, tightly edited videos targeted at key news websites that are constantly on the look-out for professionally produced clips and packages to bolster their own video offering. Here at Deadline Digital we’re experts at producing videos that news editors and digital editors are looking for.

"Huge thanks to Deadline Digital for our amazing drone video. It was really super to work with you and your team throughout the filming process and the film was a fantastic way to set the mood for the event and kick start our open evening event. We were thrilled with the spontaneous round of applause at the end- we've ever experienced it before at an event like this."

Kate Davies, Principal, Darton College