Deadline Digital produces children’s language animations

A video production company has produced a series of animations for a NHS Trust in Leeds all about children’s language development.

One of the animations explains the ‘Language Development Pyramid’

Barnsley-based company Deadline Digital produced 11 short animations for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust which explain ways in which parents can help children under five develop their communication skills.

The ‘top tips’ include getting down to your child’s level, reducing screen time and reducing the amount of questions you ask your child. It’s hoped that the animations will provide a visually appealing resource for parents to learn more about the way children develop language.

The animations have received regional coverage and have been published a day at a time on the Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust social media channels. They are also available on their website here.

Geoff Fox, MD at Deadline Digital, said: “It was a real pleasure for us to produce these animations. It’s vitally important for parents to understand the way their child communicates so to bring that to life in a series of short animations was a real joy. We hope they will provide a useful resource to parents, as well as being fun to watch.”

Watch all 11 animations below: