Deadline Digital captures Tour de Yorkshire Artwork.

Amazing artwork has been captured ready for the Tour De Yorkshire to hit Barnsley next Friday.

On Thursday 19th April, Deadline Digital’s drone set off to capture the beautiful landscapes of Barnsley and the working progress of the £120m Glass Works. However, during the flight the pilot in command came across some beautiful artwork mid creation, ready for the Tour De Yorkshire.

The gigantic painting, found on the roof of the old Barnsley Market multi-storey car park and created by the ‘Art Recovery Group’, measures a staggering 58 metres by 47 metres, covering the whole

perimeter of the building. The painting illustrates two individuals cycling through the centre of Barnsley with the hashtag #BARNSLEYINGEAR written at the bottom and is being created to mark the arrival of the world class sporting event.

The Tour de Yorkshire is set to hit the borough on Friday 4th May, where the second leg of the fourth edition of the race will begin. With up to 180 countries able to watch the race, millions of people around the world will have the privilege to view the land art as helicopters broadcast live from above the town centre on the day.

To celebrate the event, the town will be action packed with entertainment for the public. This will including music, market stalls with a continental market and Star Wars themed entertainment which will also involve the ‘May The Toys Be With You’ exhibition, where you’ll find one of the country’s finest collection of Star Wars memorabilia. The race will showcase Barnsley’s beautiful countryside and best known visitor attractions inviting tourists to give us a visit.