Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network Chroma Key

“Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network worked with Deadline Digital to produce our own chroma key video recently. It was a quick, fun, easy and cost effective way to introduce what we do and some of our staff to our target audiences. I highly recommend this approach and our partners Deadline Digital.”
David Shapland | Head of Marketing and Communications at Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network

We often work with organisations which are proud of their employees. With this promotional video, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network took it a step further and decided to make its staff the face representing its values. This type of video using chroma key technology is very popular with clients wishing to reach out to their target audiences via social media platforms.


Services delivered:

  • Pre/post production & planning
  • Filming & staffing
  • Editing and graphics
  • Chroma key equipment and software
  • Music
  • Post handover support & supply of file formats
  • Edits specifically for social media

The brief:

We were commissioned by Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network to produce a short promotional video which would introduce its target audiences to the organisation’s values and the services it offers.

The client wanted a light-hearted video which would feature several members of staff. Their goal was to share this video on social media platforms and bond with their clientele by associating faces to the organisation’s name.

The process included filming members of staff in front of a green screen. The blank whiteboard they held was later covered with the messages that Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network wanted to get through to the public.


Assistant video journalist, Teri Limongi (@TeriLimongi) was part of the filming crew delivering the project:

“It was lovely to see the enthusiasm that the filming of this video elicited within the organisation. Every single member of staff was keen to participate in the project and give it their all. We hope that this video helped their audience recognise their work and the energy they spend to create a strong link between patients and health services.”