Wellgate Primary School

Wellgate Primary wanted a video to showcase their school from an entirely different angle. Deadline Digital used their Phantom 3 drone to capture aerial footage of the school and produced the final video.

“Deadline Digital were absolutely fantastic when they came in to school to complete the drone filming. They came into school beforehand so that we could discuss exactly what we wanted and what would be possible. They communicated extremely well both in person and through email both before and after the event. On the actual day of the drone filming, they set up the cordoned area and drone an hour before the specified time to ensure that everything was perfect for the flight. They sent the drone on numerous flights so they could get the perfect material to show our school in the very best light. All the team were absolutely fantastic and made sure that we got exactly what we wanted. Both the children and staff absolutely loved the drone experience and our parents and carers have given us tremendous feedback since we launched it on our blog and Facebook page. Thanks for everything Deadline Digital!”

Julie Woodcock, Deputy Headteacher, Wellgate Primary School


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Watch the video here: Wellgate Primary