Creative Minds Case Study

Creative Minds is an in initiative that develops community partnerships and co-funds projects. In our forensic psychiatry services see how taking part in horticultural therapy can help aid recovery. An individual explains his aspirations for the future inspired by his visits to the Newton Lodge writers’ group, and we take a look at how Fieldhead’s unique ‘open mind’ sculpture.

“One of the most important elements that we are looking for in a film maker is their ability to connect with people with warmth, compassion and empathy. With Deadline Digital you get this in every part of the process and this means you get a film that captures the heart and soul of the participants and the very essence of a particular project. Geoff has a real skill in terms of putting people at ease, capturing their story and getting the best out of them. All of this is essential to us because we are trying to convey a message about why creativity is important to our health an wellbeing and this needs to connect with people on an emotional level.

“Clearly the other element that is important is the films have to look good and be technically well put together. With Deadline Digital you get just that, a well-crafted product that looks very professionally made, but still retains an important element spirit and soul. I am personally extremely happy with the films that Deadline Digital have done for us and I consider them a very valuable creative partner.”

Phil Walters, Head of Inclusion and Lead for Creative Minds, South West Yorkshire
Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust