Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust – Thinking Ahead Programme

“I have been really impressed not only by Deadline Digital’s efficiency, clarity and professionalism, but also by the real sensitivity Paige, Ben and Tom have all shown to our patients whilst filming. These are emotive and difficult conversations for our patients to have in front of a camera and the team handled everything with real warmth, gentle reassurance and encouragement, which dispelled our patients anxiety and enabled them to feel as relaxed and supported as possible throughout the process. Thank you all very much!”

Helen Jones | Macmillan Information Centre Manager | Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Deadline Digital worked with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust to create a number of videos to promote the Thinking Ahead Programme, a course supporting people living with incurable cancer and their families.

Services delivered:

  • Pre/post production & planning
  • Filming & staffing
  • One five minute video explaining the Thinking Ahead Programme
  • Three social media cut down edits
  • Editing and graphics
  • Music
  • Subtitles
  • Post handover support & supply of file formats

The brief:

Deadline Digital were commissioned to create a film promoting the Thinking Ahead Programme, a course to support people living with incurable cancer and their families.

The course had experienced limited uptake, with only two patients taking part in the virtual Thinking Ahead Programme in February.

Deadline Digital interviewed the participants, as well as the staff involved in running the programme. Additionally, they filmed the moment the two participants met in person for the first time.

Filming was conducted over two days, both in clinical settings as well as in the patient’s homes.

The aim was to create a positive and informative video to encourage more people to join the programme, as well as to promote the course to healthcare workers referring patients.

Deadline Digital also produced three social media edits to accompany the main video.

Social Media Edits included:

  • Family and Carers
  • Peer Support
  • Participant Benefits

Paige Collier (@PaigeFCollier) was our Video Journalist delivering the project:

“Speaking to Karen, Kathy and Peter for this project and seeing the friendship that had developed between them was amazing. Being able to capture that on camera felt like a real privilege. 

“Helen, Christopher, Mandy and Holly at CHFT were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and a joy to work with. Their passion to support the patients really shone through.

“Hearing the impact the videos are already having is amazing, hopefully they will encourage more people to take up the support on offer.”