Barnsley FC

Deadline Digital has been providing Barnsley FC with aerial footage of their tactical training sessions to allow extra insight and perspective to their tactics.

“Deadline Digital have filmed a number of our tactical coaching sessions using drone technology. It has been a very useful addition to training because it offers such a different perspective. The steadiness and detail of the footage, coupled with the sound from the microphone I wear during the session, means we now have access to some really useful analysis footage which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve.

“I’ve seen – and heard – things during playback that have helped me to become a better coach and that have benefited the team. These are things that you simply can’t see at pitch level, or even from the stands.

“Deadline Digital are able to offer a fantastic service and have shown great health and safety awareness, which has meant we’ve been able to get on with the important business of concentrating on football.”

Lee Johnson, Head Coach, Barnsley FC