Expert Patient Programme Case Study Videos

The Wakefield Expert Patient Programme (EPP) is a self management programme designed to give people more control by teaching new skills for managing and improving their health.

“A huge thank you! The films powerfully convey the difference that our tools and techniques can make to the day-to-day lives of people with a wide range of long term conditions including diabetes, heart failure, depression, arthritis, autism, cancer and multiple sclerosis. All of the interviewees fed back on how you made it so easy for them to tell their stories because of the questions you asked and your lovely manner. It shows that your journalistic background is perfect for doing the work you do. The DVD is only as good as it is because of that partnership – your skills and their trust in you. Thank you.”

Lynn Daniel, Expert Patient Programme Coordinator, Wakefield Expert Patient Programme Click here to see all the films on the EPP website.