Hero 7 Camera: The Saviour of Go Pro

Go Pro have unveiled three new Hero 7 cameras; the Hero 7 White, Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 Black. These will be sold to consumers in the foreseeable future. Though there have been questions raised as to whether the technological developments incorporated into the latest Hero cameras will be enough for Go Pro to enter back into the market.

The Hero 7 Black will contain not only a GP1 processor which was included within the previous Hero Black camera, but also a built-in image stabilisation technology that tackles choppy or unstable images. Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 White will have the same stabilisation levels as the Hero 6 Black.

The launch of the technology in 2018 was significantly different to previous years. This was mainly because the company paid close attention towards consumer feedback.

‘‘They’ve understood the difference between you and I going to shoot with a Go Pro, and a professional going to shoot with a Go Pro,’’ says Senior Analyst for Emerging Technologies, Andrew Uerkwitz, ‘‘The Hero 7 features  automatic high dynamic range editing to fix our clumsy amateur footage, for example. Hopefully, when we take videos, they will immediately look far more professional than they used to.’’

The Hero 7 Black Camera

The company experienced losses in profit with their products in recent years. The share value for the Hero 6 Black fell by 75 per cent in February 2017 and did not gain its first profitable quarter until two years during summer 2017. This was largely due to overwhelming releases of various Hero cameras and unusual pricing.

Go Pro concluded the year by scrapping the attempt to enter the 2017 market with Go Pro Karma. The project was announced in 2015, and which led to all products having been recalled shortly afterwards because of a loose battery latch causing the drones to fall out of the sky. It culminated in the company calling off the opportunity to compete in the 2017 market.

The latest Hero cameras shows that Go Pro are heading back on track.

‘’They are trying to be a camera that you can just throw in your bag or pocket, pull out, push a button and get filming,’’ says Uerkwitz, ‘‘At the same time, the new Go Pros have high stability features such as Hypersmooth and settings such as wide angle or fisheye that make them tools of quality.’’