Drone Racing To Be Made Safer

The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) and DroneALERT (AGICS) will form a partnership in working together to globally promote responsible drone operations and drone safety.

IDRA will assist the DroneALERT system with reporting dangerous or illegal drone activities and for viewing global no-fly zones, safe-fly zones, and global drone laws.

DroneALERT will provide IDRA’s insurance service on their website and launch a ‘drone racing events’ global map to promote the sport.

The partnership of both organisations will highlight safe areas for drone operators to fly, in addition to drone racing events, which will be aided by the IDRA community’s contributions to DroneALERT’s global drone safe-fly zone map.

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IDRA’s mission is to ensure safe drone operations in motorsports and within the international drone community, whilst introducing more people to the drone industry.

DroneALERT gains the opportunity to create future fans of drone racing who understand the global drone laws and who can also share their knowledge on safe drone flying areas.

Partnering with IDRA as a drone racing association shows the scalability and reach which DroneALERT can achieve, and that they are offering users another aspect of drone operations via the worldwide liability insurance with IDRA.